our senses gone

an unbroken dawn 

cracks and poaches its whites by the sea

the folding of time into the sun and elements 

overexposed the same

no one to blame 

adventure magnificent and tragic 

we will never love like that 




upon the lips 

when i came to

untold hours
unconscious i
stayed up all night without
any draw toward sleep

i mistook the sun
for death and the
moon for the sun

my face
pale as unpainted walls

i wanted something 

i know not what i know nor

how to behave

i know not



sun 17 shine

the earth does all the heavy lifting
the sun just shines


leave the past in the past

where it was meant 

to be

let the future be unknown

today be like the sun 

let the earth do the lifting

stand up for yourself and 



property of the sun



the sun kept a great distance from everyone it influenced

to do its proper work

the moon 

she wouldn’t damage your retina

mark her with flags 

claim her  

you who are owned

by the sun



the sun was burning things

no one could stop it

the sun was trying to reach us

to touch us

the sun wanted to be known

to communicate 

to be felt deeply 

to be seen the sun was

just like us

just like us


the earth does all the heavy lifting while the sun just shines

the sun crossed the sky

everyone was amazed 

reminded her of her ex

didn’t do a damn thing

and got all the credit



long we lived 

in darkness. wonder 

not y we worship 

the sun



you can look upon her 

the cold desert nights 

feel her inside you

as the sun she can

feel you inside her

stare at you and go 

blind   #katyamills


gave my towel coded

red to the wind to be 

honest the sun 

is a bull



in the
niche the pocket of the

like a planetary system 
dependent upon 

my sun

the least visible
most pressing

pretending we
are free