snapshot 26

life is always 

changing hard to


temperature climbing

freestyle rhyming

cultures dubbed like sound

no longer willing 

to be reduced 

to a wheeze

statues standing in

stone motion cold


getting up i get

down to strike keys

dissing the



dream sequence

i am walking a bridge made of guitar

strings made of guts. over a gorge.

back in my hotel room there are lamps 

in the bathtub. the place is ransacked and

i think it was me. sleep

i need sleep. no blankets no sheets just a

mattress on the ground. blood rushes

from a slit down my forearm. i am weak

no words to speak no tears upon my

cheek. nobody around. i pick up the old

phone wrap the cord around my arm

restless to remember your number. i call you.

the tone of each ring holds a promise.


june 3

june. thunderstorms broken sleep
boarded up businesses and the national
guard scattered like buckshot all across town
the mindless dumb they thumbing their nose
pulling on straps full face smiling don’t
care. under the window some
junky gone pale fishin for a vein
eyes fall back sunk in that old melody
shook up waiting for
the beat


cold city

sun touches the earth

the line becomes more 

and more defined

a firmness in your belly

metallic taste on your tongue

little moons

running wide orbits  

circling you

the sun cool the ice 

burning hot

the kids

sweeping up 

after you

not everyone’s gonna be 

what the world wants 

you to be 

wiping the palms

off the glass you 

wait for night 

to forget


back yourself up

we danced to the old songs dated
back when life seemed less

complicated less strung out

on media talking to us from our pockets our screens keeping tabs all
night and day long we danced freely like we had some kind of voice some kind of choice in this automated cyber world you really gotta know deep down who you are

download yourself or get 
tagged archived judged and encrypted
back yourself up

(less than) lethal

the people come together

pelted by rubber bullets burned

by tear gas. fuck the pandemic! they

will not be detained

the force is lethal

calls itself less than

less than lethal but make no mistake

whatever label they slap on

the force is lethal

it can kill you make

no mistake it can and



litigation can take

the spine out of any



i discover the earthquake

37 miles out of Tonopah

Nevada by the water

rippling in the pool

200 miles away!

cats screaming bloody murder

behind this apartment building

put the coffee on

it’s friday anything could happen

save the kid surrender yourself

to a riptide

it can be beautiful


what a commotion 

as we roll into

the weekend