i won’t cry 

unless you cry 

sectioned off under the lights. another stage

black tights and vests with shiny buttons

midnight blue

boots laced up 

awaiting your direction 

heaving chest of breath


in opposition to certain




chain controls on

descending from the peak

swallowed by dawn 

you fell back asleep

the pines made way 

for us to pass through

i was deeply moved

cutting tracks into the frozen sea

salted groove


silent treatment

silence can be weaponized

when i was a kid you showed me how

and i brandished it

until i learned right from wrong 

not speaking up is what i find offensive

when a few honest words could 

settle the hurt


march marches on

the rain 

the wind

the love you


anaerobic ponds

once clouds 


and march 

marches on




on a red eye to Boston

a lovely affection traveling up and down the spine

conservatorship recently revoked 

on the threshold of grandiosity

leveled by whiskey 

they saw an opening. 3A in first class

and prepared a cash bribe for the chosen




they tamed the squares of grass

weed machines whipping tentacles 

the equinox spoke in shades of green

kid became a turtle. camouflaged

feigning a study of the phone


remember it all

it astonishes me to remember how i hurt you

and you nearly killed me and yet

we were in love

some say leave the past in the past it’s ancient history

i remember it all

if it were not indispensable why 

do we study History as if it were

some exquisite 



memory #141

smoking after heavy 

drinking. taste the bloody lip


up all night reading pacing writing

heart and mind playing


sprinkler system pushes up

out of the ground at dawn for the back



death of a comedian

one of my favorite comedians 

made me extremely sad for the first time ever

by dying

i watched reruns of his shows

and laughed and laughed so hard i cried

but then i got confused

was i crying from the dying?

it does not matter because he was great

and i miss him


raccoon (dogs)

chased out of China 

they made it West in shipping containers

up the deep water channel

into our city

the artful ones escaped the ports

dodged cars into yards

only to face their distant cousin

the American raccoon

who welcomed them 

with gnashing teeth

to living hell