neck of a swan

they thanked the divinity for the right to have it

they got all the feelings out. gave the scraps to the cats and dog

life was the neck of a swan

they went for a long walk to who knows where

the great beyond out there


11 stay

stay with this
salt it dress it season it
if you like
or leave it bare and taste it

stay with yourself
your breath and
your life

all the horrors and



unable to wash the technology
out of the system 

they left it all behind

acculturating to life 

in old growth forests
owls and creatures
mysterious textures and sounds

aspects of light that did not


nd kind (and e-book giveaway)

we found our heart and our fight

there where they condemned us 



i give thanks

seeing you get well

we never thought

you would 

i confess i too 

thought you 

a lost cause


swing 17

troubling to be

in the depths of a mood swing

narrow passage upon 

an ocean of feelings 

you drop to the bottom of a swell 

hoping to 




let us go out tonight

and drop our guards

may nothing terrible


i wanna be there

with you for you

i wanna be there

solid as a penny

flipping through 

the air

out of this tired place

of comfort and routine

let us go out tonight

and shine


burn wheels burn

catastrophic thoughts

churn through my head i

grab the nearest

bicycle and burn the wheels

off the spokes



senses dulled by time 

and heartache

they could no longer see no longer 

hear no longer grasp nor respond

to touch

they withdrew each morning

from an endless store of emotion

across the passing day they

gave it all away 

unblind in the knowing 

how to love 


live like

do not 

live like me 

for i

cannot i

will not

i would not

live like