from the heart out

she was in her twenties

existence a slow drip of unhappenstance 

when she surfaced from the midsection of an iceberg

the frozen contents of some formerly fluid 

collective subconscious 


ready to travel the world

she began finally to thaw

from the heart out



when i meditate on those i knew who went down hard and whom, after all the shock had been absorbed, by anyone who meant anything to them, ascended to the heights of recollection, i am filled with great sadness, giving a damn, decidedly, when i got no damns to give.  #katyamills

99 cents @ the quikstop

i am singular

organic yet 100% reconstituted
of unknown ethnic
origin. uncompromised inside a racial


i feel island

composing metaverse

they wanna buy me
for 99 cents @ the quikstop
a generation why
32-bit clerk in
16-thread scrubs
calls me off my platform
in the pink cloud

radiating my
64-bit self-serve themed
limousine queen
ego state

they blister and