old model ford

we pushed past cobwebs

got her tires up. compressor plugged into the cig lighter

her battery would take some time to charge

so we all sat around together waiting on this old model ford 

the old man pronounced the virtues of a burro over a horse

when traversing mountainous country

how to get pure drinking water by digging a hole beside a river 

how the best place to hide 

when running from somebody

is the cemetery   


strawberry supermoon shake

the kids were playing video games all night 

like they were going out of style

the moon looked down from the sky. omniscient

a plastic breeze filled our lungs with particles

as we sipped our strawberry soda

out of paper straws. oh 

what a life



i went to see him

he was watching tv 

tired from work he did not want conversation

i silenced the commercials

it made him unhappy 

i wanted to share my day and learn about his

he got angry i 

threw the remote at him 

stomped to the backyard followed 

the clay painted fence

there was new growth coming up 

the round up could not kill it all 

nature is a fighter and 

so am i  



the mortgage was due

the phone the electric and credit cards

the mercury rising we hit the store early

for milk and eggs and the happy baguette

i heard a song in the store and started singing 

along. a memory slipped away like a seal

off the pier deep into 

the bay


Redding 1

we met you randomly on the banks 

where the river was churning in a  

hydroelectric power play 

you told us your troubles with the law.

the domestics. the time you did

how you’re not a bad guy

if they weren’t lying and cheating

then… then what? then you wouldn’t have

beat them? we wanted to toss you 

in the river to help you wake up

but we weren’t strong enough 

to lift you  #katyamills