upon waking. tuesday morning

tuesday morning

wake me with flashing pixelated light

blast me with heat from a gasoline engine

drop a single sugar donut into my belly

float me on a river of coffee 

black. let them play with words 

if they want 


mega terf monster

will i see a mega terf monster

barking up the twitter tree?

better get some bear spray just in case

or turn my iPhone into a strobe light

those who come without a phone

cannot take the throne


year of the rabbit

the year of the rabbit

a month of steady rain

got my ticket. unlimited 

hopped the southbound



January 16

behind us the sun 
setting the storm clouds threatening 

the east

a full rainbow beams impossibly
across the sky

my thoughts 
turn to the daughter 
of the king

wishing they may be 



of the sun

across from the Bellagio

we watched the street performers

and the fountains a script of dances

night mistaken for day

the Cirque De Soleil




we pressed the paper map into the table 

compelled to the north through the mountains 

i gave in easy because i love you

south. through the desert

my imagination can fill in 

any vast expanse of



star lost in space

Vegas was nothing like advertised

a stitch in the fabric and rather small

a star lost in space

the desert itself was bold

the canyons made the silence 




the fog made us
less visible and we liked it 
in the distance 

an organ was crashing

we lost our manners

a bedside voice whispering 

will you want to stay

on the earth? tell us

though we are scared you will leave us

tell us please

so we know your true





with lust in her German eyes 

she gave me the secret family recipe

for strudel 

at my feet the puppy

a golden shephard mix

on my head

your brother’s helmet

from Nam

i was suddenly afraid i 

will be shot



she rustled around for small bills 

and change

poured the dregs of french roast

down her throat

dressed in many layers she

limped to the store by her cane

not caring how she came off

her mouth would get her out 

of any trouble it got her in