the hour you meet the world

wistful you push us too hard. with some slow burn desire you push us. you push us too hard. you sing this song night and day feverish after what you long for yourself. please. sit back and count the stars. the hour you meet the world. let things be as they are.  #katyamills

the ones who ought

they was obsessed and careless

and reckless. then it was over

they put a decided stop they

found a heart for living right

the long heavy shadows

blended. telling stories 

in quick short bursts loving the ones 

who ought


old model ford

we pushed past cobwebs

got her tires up. compressor plugged into the cig lighter

her battery would take some time to charge

so we all sat around together waiting on this old model ford 

the old man pronounced the virtues of a burro over a horse

when traversing mountainous country

how to get pure drinking water by digging a hole beside a river 

how the best place to hide 

when running from somebody

is the cemetery   


i let my emotions free 

they ate up all the cake they

drank the boba tea

we were not invited

back and they talked about us 



Up from the DownTrodden

Book synopsis: Divided into quintets, Up from the Downtrodden offers the possibility of hope to anyone feeling hopeless in the world today. The poems within, culled from a period of inspiration and resurgence after more than a decade of hopeless struggling and despair, honor both the darkness and the light. There is a chance, when the two are integrated, to turn what is bitter in life, sweet.

‘heavy metals’

staring at the wall again
they turned up the volume

zero calorie heavy
metals to defend against they

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book of poetry (new release)

hello friends! this is Katya. i am happy to announce i released my first book of poetry yesterday. Up From the Downtrodden. thanks for all your feedback here as many of the poems i chose to include came by looking at my wp statistics and finding the poems that you all loved the most over the past several years. i have been primarily an author of fiction and creative nonfiction, and all of my 6 published works on (and are either novels and novellas. i am fully independent and do all my own editing and self-publishing. i use beta readers to ensure the content is highest quality.

i took every poem through additional edits over the past year as i built this collection up, so poems you find in the collection will be more fully realized versions of themselves. the only way i’ve been capable of publishing a poem a day for the last 9 years (the promise i made to myself for a daily spiritual practice and meditation) has been to work quickly yet carefully, revisiting each poem 1-4 times, before the commitment. this process has left some room for potential and actualization. i believe you will not be disappointed if you choose to purchase (or, if you have amazon prime, you can read the ebook for free) the paperback. thank you for supporting independent authors like myself! – Katya Mills

the love that could not last

wrapped around a light beam

she was. with him

unraveled the cinnamon bun

she had him and he had her 

breakfast lunch and dinner

walked around holding hands

half the day

yet whatever was going on 

in the romance department

no defenses run so deep to 

hold the world off

the life of them passed like the sun

basic filaments burning 

less than a year since they met 

caught that fiery orange contagion

cross the sky 

dreaded (came the darkness)…
there, now (she knew it)…

embedded (all the memory)…
it’s over (she said it)



unable to think unable 

to speak. mashed and bounced

precisely half ways across the earth

absorbed by some gargantuan feeling

you wrote poems unlike mine 

except they was true. watch 

over me and i over you


i was yours

the cars spinning down the streets

collision with the air 

i was yours and

i was yours until 

being a hood ornament 

became a fuckin

drag   #katyamills

any verse

out on the stones

a friday eve with any verse

tremulous voice

tied back sleeves lips 

pursed. all the world let

down her locks 

in the arms of her bonny