the last of the last 

of the last of the year

may we open our eyes

like 4 the first 

time   #katyamills


long we lived 

in darkness. wonder 

not y we worship 

the sun



the rains came down hard 

sleep escaped me for some time i 

dreamt my car was broken in and 

had a run in with the cops

when i awoke i cried to the kittens who 

replied by flourishes of tail

you only have today 

so make the most! make 

the most!


my novel MAZE is on giveaway:


california psychotherapist

Katya Mills, LMFT #129963


im not so great in many a formal

setting i like to dress just how i feel

lovely or bedraggled 

makes no sense to me to dial it up

otherwise. maybe for joyful masquerade 

the show off who expresses toward some aim

i so disdain it makes me tremble



basin water drawn

2 the face and green blue green eyes

my thoughts turned 2 those so sorrowfully 


i castigated the glass 

ran out on the sun cussed

the mean old cold


hunting my list of contacts i

called upon the loneliest one

who could not would not


the loneliest one 

was i


morningside park

tugging on a lamppost 

atop a flight of stairs

by a blade they lost

they strength


not without a fight

began to fade

between the teeth the skin

the beat it slows 

to fin and many full 

with sorrow





like one long forgotten


D plus or minus

thrust into hand my essays marked up 

red like a tongue been punched in the mouth 

after i turned them in so square

clean geometric rails and trains carrying verses 

plundered then ransacked over the open plains 

i thank god i could not never write 

how you wanted    #katyamills

down one

winter highways a mess 

kids with sleepers in their eyes

pleading – don’t go! 

fuck all the long commutes

forgot how to end

ice cream sundays!  they exclaim

throwing they boots off

factory gonna have to live 

down one