october 31

the cat o nine tails

punctuate the mountain trails 

squash and apple and potato 

farmers bag up their crops for sale

the skunk raises his back

to the gentle chocolate lab. life is thickened

with sugar beneath the sierras

playing notes of caramel



you could not see his eyes

body lashed by the belt in the back 

headphones and hair mopping 

the face drownin them out 

rain checked windshield 

of pathological indifference

he was accused

soundscapes caressing his soul

driving his imagination 

wild he was innocent he was



autumn in the graveyard

the grounds overtaken with fallen leaves

it’s less how we look that concerns me 

so much as can we survive?

you understand… let us give another candle

the best light for the dearly departed

may we always do what we can

to see them in it #katyamills