packaged pretty with seduction
oversalted with scent and firm hold spray
they was a spy from Saturn. i could tell
by the porous shadow

i invited them 2 tea
through google translate i apologized
4 the condition of the planet and

appeased them with Hollywood
and Bollywood icons


profile of a rainmaker. 1950

what with his fancy suits and rolodex he

brought all kinds of business to the firm and great parties

and for that he was appreciated in NYC

yet nobody knew how he truly felt about anything

the only evidence he had he belonged

was a pulse


april 25

the kid at dutch bros this morning handed me my annihilator with light ice. i asked: how are you? i had a dream last night, he said. i was back in high school and late for a physics exam on chapter 5 and my ride fell through. i woke up completely stressed… i offered him a quick interpretation of the dream. i hate you! he said, i don’t want to know anything about myself!


modesto ash

deeply cut 

mangled by the bastards 

we thought they killed you

in the fall 

oh magnificent ash of modesto

muscular stumps reaching for the wires 

and sky

deeply hurt

my man was blazing mad he

lashed out at the foreman 

all winter they 


in the spring

you showed new life and

there was peace




when the worry turns

2 catastrophes which cannot be

panic on the lonely road

the fear of fear this cannot be

heart pounding chills 

time slows down

you cannot breathe

it cannot be

cup your hands

for some small rhythm

in panning the motion slow

for gold. move against the grain

my love counter clock

wise until panic sets

you free


body by sofia

sunshine today and body by sofia. old king charles spaniel pedigree. a hefty gal with heavy action on the shaggy tail wag and plenty of bark. only bites in service to ye olde belly at mealtime. she comes up to our harley without any fear of the pipes. likely dampened by the hardness of hearing. eye level where tire meets spoke. daddy calling out with care at the tip of the cane  #katyamills