upon the lips 

when i came to

untold hours
unconscious i
stayed up all night without
any draw toward sleep

i mistook the sun
for death and the
moon for the sun

my face
pale as unpainted walls

i wanted something 

i know not what i know nor

how to behave

i know not



property of the sun



the sun kept a great distance from everyone it influenced

to do its proper work

the moon 

she wouldn’t damage your retina

mark her with flags 

claim her  

you who are owned

by the sun


good friday

we decided on mint chip

made from almonds

we licked our feelings off the spoon 

the silver reflected

a pink full 


we low key felt good



low key in love

drawn at the reach of the sun 

high off a glance from the full pink moon we were

low key in love

mid december south 

of mars



you can look upon her 

the cold desert nights 

feel her inside you

as the sun she can

feel you inside her

stare at you and go 

blind   #katyamills

waxed moon

unable to get what you 

want when you wanted it your 

eyelids fell over two waxed 

moons thankful for all 

you have


into the cellular memory

she concocted a potion for the full

harvest moon. diatomaceous earth

stirred with baking soda

and water. to convey the spirit 40 million years

back when all cellular life was more

or less collaboratively 




i picked a nectarine out from the fruit market. my spirits rose. i took a bite and looked up and saw the outline of the moon in a blue sky and thanked god.  -Katya

reading #143


give thanks

i give thanks to god for all what makes my day to day more than okay. my love. my health. my cats. my work. my family. coffee. tea. my friends. the california sun. the moon. the rain. the freedom to express myself in any small way.