the wind remembered

nobody remembered her name or her face

or the pale of her wrists

by the edge of her lace


no one remembered the man or his name

who sunk his axe deep

in the wood

in the yard

in his sleep


only the wind still whispered her name

through the gaps and the floors

through those walls

made of wood


and wrung out the leaves of the trees

just like hands

to remember the others


the other ones who had died



two and twenty years before

and twice as long

before then


and twice as long

before then


and twice as long

before then

‘Life gets better’

'Life gets better'

All seems

Steaming cup of coffee.
Gloves off.
Press muse
into paper.

Life gets better
when we try

controlled the sun

controlled the sun

behind him
i watched
the man
the sun

zombie girl with fish in her hair


The zombie girl

Was there

Zombie girl

so green and fair


Two dimensional Fish

Floating in her hair

Big almond eyes


She saw you

She said

She saw you

Hold down

Her head


In the river



Zombie girl gonna


You better

Run fast


She will be waiting



To distribute


Her hallowed




National Novel Write

National Novel Write

I will be writing a novel in the month of November, as part of the National Novel Writing Month. Wow, I am so excited! I will attempt to fictionalize the last decade of my life in Oakland, California. In the first 10 months of 2013, I have posted around 200 times between this blog and my website. I self-published my first novel and published a short story. I have met so many friends online and off, and rekindled old friendships. I left Oakland and have found a home and some peace of mind, in Sacramento. I am healing. I have worked really, really hard to build community and write. Now is a chance to push my skills to another level, and put my past exactly where it belongs — in the past. Exorcise the demons. And have a hell of a time, doing it. This should be great fun! I will be updating you all on my progress, by posting excerpts on the daily, throughout November. WIsh me luck!


When i put forth the greatest of effort and try

then left all forlorn

with my why?



When my eyes

see your eyes

and the eye lashes back


the honesty says

look away, now

love, look away


How I feel all alone

and your loneliness



i wish for your love

though there’s nothing to



i hate all my wishing

i hate all my hating

hate all my feelings

this way and that


hating you

hating me


and then

get quiet

all turn

to stone


Then come dark clouds, the fifty thousand dark shades

the long and dark nights, the endless dark days


my ears start to bleed

my sight starts to fail

in exchange for choice words 

my Latin

your Greek


choice merciless words

me to you to me speak


The storm in my head wants what happened, unreal

the turning over, my hands, what got stolen, not to steal


i stole from you steal from

away from us



the wall between rooms

made of pa·pier-mâ·ché some



How I would pull all apart! all the glue and the pulp

and i know you would, too! i swear this is



i will

Send out my linens now, white flags on the line

If only to know you were part, my design


i will

unshape the monsters, tie them with twine

with hair if i have to, to keep unrefined

all the hatred between us

the base

solid kind 


Above which we once drew our cottons, with care 

before they got soaked in all our red sea, phantasm glare



in the midnight dead sky

freshly fallen

lost love


Instead i am left to wonder what was

with this broken heart, because and because


surrounded by white flags

and my 

why why?

why whys


the tears

the wood floor

now dries


Soon to burn

in the hearth of my heart

down below


Knowing exactly

what i never wanted 

to know

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A poem ‘Taking Leave’

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Paperback versus Ebook

Paperback is old school, gotta give it props.

Ebooks are the wave. The latest thing. Kids wouldn’t read your dusty old dirty paperback.

Paperbacks got a spine.

Ebooks scroll smooth like butter.

Paperbacks don’t need e-readers. They’re organic. Whole.

Ebooks don’t carry germs.

Paperbacks are trees and feel nice to hold.

Ebooks save trees, dude.

Paperbacks are recyclable, man.

Ebooks don’t need bookmarks or dirty old dog ears.

Paperbacks can be marked the f**k up!

Ebooks can be highlighted just the same.

Paperbacks smell nice.

Paperbacks smell like dirt.

Ebooks are another example of culture, bleached of character.

Kids would only watch videos, if it weren’t for ebooks.

Paperbacks play second fiddle to hardcovers.

Oh ya? Ebooks are gonna put libraries out of business…

What’s a library?

How does a kindle work?

Where can I find a mom & pop bookstore?

Can ebooks really help you remember whose who, in a storyline?

Dude, is is true a paperback and a match can save your life,

if you get lost

in the woods, in the middle of the winter?

Hey man, can I really find indy authors’ work

for free on ebooks?





Can I borrow your kindle for a sec?

I’ll give it to you for that beat up old

copy of Dostoyevsky

you got in your hand…