killing on 43rd ave

they sweep and mop they 

stock shelves they 

ring you up at the register they

deal with all american 

attitude. we call it the graveyard

shift for good reason last

week they left one to bleed

out for some 

change. god rest your very



tuned out

twenty one suns 

one and twenty years 

into the so-called twenty first century 

none of the calculations 

had any true significance when 

you tuned the holy roman

empire out 


journey into the light

there there 

dry your eyes

the darkness drains from the sky

see how you were so certain?

so terrified 

the thoughts how they




they would not let machines

take from life 

the mystery

the work 

that made them




they found her 

still alive they loved her

they promised 

hi def pixels for eyes

cold brew coffee for drive

she prayed for a vertically 

integrated chassis they

dubbed her




they never stopped 

scrubbing one could see 

their reflection in the silver

 nothing else. imagine centuries  

passing that off 4



off note

the dissonance caused by all 

the off notes touched a hundred 

thousand hearts who turned 

the radio up and swore 

someone finally got them 


run over

weightless the body

in flight. carbon monoxide 

swell of heat 

spun up so light the strange 

sound of brakes so late

they cheat 

staring down they 

fall in the winter off the 

wall of metal



book review

My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh

My Year of Rest and Relaxation
by Ottessa Moshfegh
Katya Mills‘s reviewFeb 12, 2021  ·  edit
liked it
Our antiprotagonist gets progressively mired in her chosen selfish sedentary life for a year. Like a life experiment with a careless interest in self-transformation, in NYC, 1999. She lies to her psychiatrist about her use of prescriptions for no apparent reason, as the psychiatrist has no moral or ethical compass to begin with, just a professional hiding behind a lot of jargon and bullshit. Ever met anyone like that? The character closest to real is her best friend Reva yet she is the most annoying and pathetic of them all. Materialistic. Superficial. Zero self-worth. Dependent on guys who use her. They both are. Maybe this is why they are friends. I liked the book, laughed a lot. Some very funny one liners. But not as much as Eileen. Maybe the main character was too sad and jaded. A product of her environment. Maybe it came too close to how life can feel in 21st century America when it’s at its worst. When you give up and are rich enough not to have any responsibilities, and you care but not really.


i saw visions

a porsche turning circles in the snow

a man pissing on a brick wall barrows

wheeled over hay early

dawn i got chills

a headache

the light hurt my eyes i saw

visions long the melody sorted out

the birds