with your laughing spirit you

left earth and i would travel great distances to meet you but not that far (not yet)

and thank god you are here in my heart

cherish having reflections of you

in your family and even random

spirits i cross



i saw a mom hug her kid

not wanting to let go

a bird in a tree

cheerful with incomplete song

i saw a runaway

making a break for it

2 dobermans overlooking a wall

sniffing out the commotion

life is like a sentence. unedited


running on and on

and on


i still wanted to believe

i saw the good die young

and the others live long and untroubled

circumstance like a thief

had snatched my faith away

prayer became senseless without it

i never stopped wanting to believe

and so i learned to ask only

that my faith be restored

and it was


love in the delta

the tomato harvest ending 
he got stabbed in the ribs
stepping in to help a friend
at the dance

the pain in his heart made the wound 
meaningless. he feared he would not
see her again

camp broke up
he steeled himself for fate
up river she came to release him
too late



he would work

until it killed him

distant he surrendered the emotional fields 

full of land mines 

you cannot tell him to stop

he has no stop



 ten years before

on the brink of madness

they slept rarely and up all night

emotions swallowed them 

there was nowhere in the world

they knew to be safe 

ten years on

they would never forget

the terror of the past

and each and every new sunrise 

they was inside and out



soda profits

the soda

a rather inadequate drink deleterious to the health

and yet any business who sells it profits upwards of %800

of the 30 cents it costs them per!

on a tangent i am happy to say i mostly quit soda

other than the occasional ginger 

ale #katyamills

the meaning manufacturing plant

we have our grave differences

crashing around these rooms

we speak as though what we believe were facts

no. they are just opinions

packaged by the meaning manufacturing plant

i would be sincere. acknowledge the power

the thoughts have over us

and love you just the same


nevada morning

24 floors up encircled by a mountain range
dipped in snow

i was looking down on the streets by

the old Cal Neva. drunks and construction workers

walking the streets. cold dawn

you were watching bad chad on the tele 
hunting junkyards for a contracted car

i stretched yawned tumbled on 

down to the lobby 4 my first cup of coffee

time to weld a chassis to this frame 

and get back in 

the game


dead or alive


if you get very still with yourself

and listen closely

the palm of your hand on your chest

your heart will tell you

all you need to know

if you get nothing

call the doctor

you may be dead