starbound days

the one i hoped against hope to love in the starbound days took apart the sum of my words and selected from them a single choice, out of context, and left me, dissolute, with the remainder. i burned through nights, furiously attending my reduction. i did not rest until it was done. out in the street one dawn, shutting the door quietly behind, i carried the hearty broth to the needy  #katyamills


no wonder good things live underground for once they see light so often they are trampled 



tacked down

put in irons whipped with sheets

and tapered knots

we caught a sudden gust from the west

and turtled

shocked by cold salt water

we emerged

free again we sailed

slanting rolling edging

one with foaming whitecaps

dotting the horizon



the fields how they turn 

from gold and fallow

lush. we let a yawn the crack of dawn

wrap ourselves in blankets

wool the usual layers 

had no pull

we kept warm with dance and

song. you need not read a book

to know love needs no push

to grow



all the holiday ads

in all the holiday papers

could not put them

back together

the savings promised

future bank at the




fog obscured the sun

the light drawn into water

photons strewn about in a diffuse haze

enfolding sky and land they 

walked into the forest 

never to return  


thirty some

the threat was made the charges

stuck the kids were taken the awful

luck. what will it take to reunite?

will do almost anything the wrong 

to right will fight and fight and fight

and fight  #katyamills

the heights

hair tied back

they mix chemicals into buckets

with water with beats

distorting the sound slowing it down

hands and knees for you

mopping waxing dusting

on the ground for you conceptualizing 

open the valves fire up the boilers 

in the cold for you 

smiling when the work is done they

disperse into the heights

leaving behind an unreal

shine   #katyamills

the out and about

in the in crowd

for the sum of years and days they

self-cancelled over crossed feelings

and forged identity

made a blood pact with the outsiders

to be fearlessly out

and about   #katyamills


i threw the phone

against the cold soundless punishing 

darkness. the city an ocean and when it got mad…

the faces pale gaunt dissociated

stress seared into the foreheads

no more! i stretched to my deepest limit

saw it break apart and dove in 

after  #katyamills