introspective 1

the young explorer wondered 

were the interior world as immense as

the material one

might it be more efficaceous

to set up a meditation retreat within the forest

and live the life



Lenny Chacon

when the young man passed away

friends of his who were also homeless called out to her

over the garden wall

she penned a tribute

describing how he helped her with the weeding

but mostly of his kind soul

she traveled to the small town in the Delta 

carrying a hundred copies 

to pay respects


2 elation

the saddest day 

gave way 

when the cat came home

to elation

got off work early 

watched birds by binocular

tacos and coke

we made love

fell asleep to maurice ravel 

nine inch nails and 

the smiths


july 28

they mixed drinks in the valley

with the plump hanging pears pulled from orchards 

hemmed in by vineyards 

a sweet exhaustion set in 

the sun usurped the sky and lit the 

golden fields


rumors of war

these divisions in the earth

pay heed. often invisible

noted by a sign or fence or posting

which side you are on may 

be the difference between death

and life


language 1

i like to pick up on cadences

language rolling off the tongue

a writer’s job is like mining colloquialisms 

off the streets


the creative life

they found refuge in the creative life

after years of deconstruction

born to a mother who 

wanted a clone
disliked for having formed 

an identity outside of 

her own


full speed

we gather around the table
eating chicken off the bone listening

to the old man tell us stories

the snow
melting off the mountains
comes toward us now
full speed


whatever (it takes)

 smoked a whole pack 

of cigarettes drank an entire pot

of coffee

whatever it takes to keep still 

and write the damn



homecoming denied

whistling and searching

they got they arm cut up and belly slashed

that’s how the cat

tells you he’s not coming