the signal

back in the forties, during the world war, if an american sailor got steak and eggs for breakfast a day of battle lay ahead. for many it would be their last meal, downed with coffee. the torpedo bombers were lethargic and pilots realized they would be easily cooked by the zeros. the dive bombers went out to sea in squadrons with compasses, pencils and the sun to guide them. they kept their cockpits open and dropped at impossible angles to meet their targets. often a painted red sun on the deck of a japanese carrier. insanely they dropped full speed into the anti-aircraft fire, to drop their ordinance and pull up at the last possible moment. dreaming to make it home alive. many were shot out of the sky. many ran out of fuel and got swallowed by the sea.


all the popular songs

penned on club napkins by
wasted wannabe
looking back
they say i just wrote 
whatever to dispel
the journalists
the craving
for deeper meaning
and they aren’t often lying
a song never needed
a lyric like a lyric
needed a song


the talk was diluted
so i dropped the decimal

a moment of silence

think before you


our winter is over
it only just started i
don’t know just

i feel

time like a fossil

the cold mornings
wool hats and long johns the
nights beneath layers

the bite in the air the
freezing and thawing. a silence
summer would never allow

will winter be up
for extinction?

like a fossil
burns fast


you say you don’t got nothing to do
i don’t understand

read a book bottle
the boredom

you was not who you say you was
i was me

good & effin gone

the apartment was messy

we liked it

spilled coffee beans everywhere

leave em

ain’t got time

gotta move along

apply the foundation hold

steady at the mirror

heels hit the wedge

bangles ringing while you’re singing

some good effin morning


open the door wide take in the world

spin around a few times

stamp the ground and knock

you under the chin step

on the gas hit the freeway feelin

good and effin


despondent @22

despondent at twenty two

 where to go
what to do

classes had ended she
needed a job. she
broke up with

she smoked and walked the streets
feeling ditched

filled out applications until
a market took her in
a waitress

wasn’t tryin to get rich

her best friend moved
away. the rent she
could not pay

is there hope for me?
she asked the sky

happiness came in
little bursts like sugar
out of cloud cover

a sun ray

the mission

we were in the hall, many strenuous faces all about. here and there one was found pacing, another breathing deeply through the nose, another actually fell to their knees for a prayer. outside a crowd had gathered, shoving and yelling, and someone had got behind the security and climbed the roof by a rope. her voice was punctuated by the underlying emotions like a sky pressured, holding weather, letting the first bursts of rain. you don’t know how long it can carry before it breaks. we were listening through the walls yet thinking of ourselves. there were people shaking fences and fists in the air. one could only be touched by the energy and i was, too. beneath all the emotion, the anger, the efforts to draw attention no matter the cost, i saw a movement that reminded me of my past. i had fought for a similar cause in my own life. if only we could open these doors and open our arms! collect that energy, i dreamed, like water in a reservoir, and come to terms, and put it toward our mission!