Merced River. 2023

we follow her twisting frothy madness north by Highway 49. roar ascending like a stadium crowd at the south fork. her banks filled to the brim with snow transmuted by the sun and rushing off the peaks. what’s left of the wildest winter. our spirits rise to her 


the licks

in the city of your dreams

scurry the serpentine back road black 

top beauty. an ice cream snowball 

crashes into your knee

natural painkiller

for all the licks


wild card

perfection. the dalliance ends now. stop the fuckery. i am with friends i walk with good intent. the weight of age and time the only pain i carry. no longer self-inflicted. my royal flush ends with a wild card. the feeling you get after you lost it all. to live on.   #katyamills

cheated death

she sipped the bone broth

he made her to recover her strength

after countless days in the elements 

the little ones hung off her thighs

and words as she shared

how she cheated death 


guru 1

what is honesty really? they asked 

in a world full of lies

guru answered

stop asking questions 

do the good work 


never fold

bronze silver

copper and gold

follow your heart

never fold


thought. at feeling street

the sun left the sky

violet and orange 

the paint faded fast

under this skin

i touched universe

at last

i meandered inward 

inspired by a beat

and hit the thoughts

at feeling street



all the coffee in the world 

could not dislodge your personality

you needed someone to talk to about it but you did not want to

and so the world learned to live

with you


press mute

there’s nothing like the sound

of early birds of spring 

you gotta mute the commercials

to really understand


mega terf monster

will i see a mega terf monster

barking up the twitter tree?

better get some bear spray just in case

or turn my iPhone into a strobe light

those who come without a phone

cannot take the throne