mega terf monster

will i see a mega terf monster

barking up the twitter tree?

better get some bear spray just in case

or turn my iPhone into a strobe light

those who come without a phone

cannot take the throne



before dawn

i offer an honest appeal

born of faith

for strength to face life

and her many faces

only then may i shift

seamlessly into



vicodan 11


we all get beat by time

cannot keep the body out of trouble

in the hardest of times we ask 

can i have one pain

killer please?

no!  – they rebuke us

licenses on the line

in the shadow of an opioid 




tipping the scales toward 

creation in a world of 

destruction gives a spirit

thrills   #katyamills


question everything

and the thoughts run 

wild across the

synapse  #katyamills


the will of the people cannot always 

prevail. we see this in Hong Kong even in the States 

where capitalism fights democracy

to a draw



im a yarn ball rolling

under the door and out into the sun 

im less complicated 

they only need me when its cold im

less arrogant than u see i dont

know nothin i got holes in me cuz 

im unlearnin stuff  


killing on 43rd ave

they sweep and mop they 

stock shelves they 

ring you up at the register they

deal with all american 

attitude. we call it the graveyard

shift for good reason last

week they left one to bleed

out for some 

change. god rest your very




a great pond formed at the point 

there where they gathered for tales

had been told. all had gone quiet 

the fireflies formulating a slow beat of light

the pond dried up all its ink seeped into 

the paper earth. another word another 

world would never be  


some days harder than others

express yourself

may the pain be