dawn in america

nothing forced we 

plot course let it take us

dawn in america. we were wrong we got right

my apartment an organic

living mess like the desk of a social worker on wednesday i

tried to take flight off the screen off the paper

now i’m grounded. stay still. chill

the time we got to spendin

you were the one. i couldn’t care what they saw

the faded flags fly eyes

desert dry i could cry coffee 

for all the sleep we lost

the sunrise. the 8th wonder

of the world


life before cars

i remember you years back. funny and loud
silence didn’t stand a chance

they expanded the freeway

now i cannot hear the birds
like they planned it

ten lanes now
the whole family out

bowling. an icy can of orange and two

tone shoes. big shiny ball ona slow roll

i got you in my head again. when you left

it was life before cars


thank these gods

these notifications surround us from

all sides chirping like new species of bird

fuk these ads between songs they

killin us. okay i 

thank these gods for you sweet

heart keep your dreams alive on

sunday. covid 19 proliferates culture

gets canceled ok good or bad

we are young. a little hot

sometimes thats all



shooting the mouth off

another infraction rolled 

up tight end over

end i gotta stop 


to think

sometimes by light or water

beneath the wind whipped

trees the city speeds the violent

dust up of paper flying about 


by the koi pond in some

anaerobic muck the

beta swallows the

alpha. all is well




some skinhead ina truck ahead of me flying
beyond the limits drifted left hit the median
at thirty degrees bounced off
fender crumpled

brakes burning i thought it was over
for all of us. dirt from the shoulder rising
to meet the windshields
giving us flak

like nothin happened
we picked up speed and drove on
heartbeat tapering down

the trajectory of my life is not dissimilar
almost totaled

like nothing happened i go on
body demands coffee day and nightapproaching fifty like i’m
twenty-five. takin flak. sense of purpose
no different than it was
back in ‘85