we wait…

4 our luck to change 

4 them to text us back 

4 the rain that will cleanse our soul 

4 inspiration when we have none 

4 that ancient laughter we once shared 

4 that immaculate silence 

2 feel something truly penetrate us 

4 something we cannot get over 

2 get over it


eldorado resort casino

spectrum girls in their dresses
after the ball. happiness is 10 bucks
on a saturday night for penny slots

man in a wheelchair

jacket pulled over his head

hiding from the games alive

and ready to be played 

the earthbound ones lay out
their demands then dissemble
into innumerable grains of sand


votive remix

deceased lay the flower beds toxic and soaking perspiration thick as glue. we passed the ethereal fields cranked the shaft flipped a bitch and sailed due north, the agonists and antagonists darting out from the shadows. we released the nitrous oxide mixed with half and half burned the white sage whole off the stern.petitioned a ragtag battalion of orcas like white blood cells to seal in the heat, caustic energies aft and starboard, signals blaring into the night. the candles they flickered and danced.  #katyamills

real time

thoughts accumulate @ the corner of up and down just above freezing
mufflers give away ignitions in the silence behind double pane motel glass
corner of down and up on the back of a harley feeling the torque
insane or sane we are the strange circumstance of being in this world real time