when the sun hit the sky

the disturbance had washed out

they body and mind 

a formerly great splash

of paint. how peaceful life

again had become

when the sun genuflect

met and crossed the sea



take a look at my life

old man nurses a pipe paces

the sidewalk slow black

vest and chain he strikes a dead stop

composing the thoughts in his head

where anyone would love

2 compose. isis flops on her back

undeterred by cars and sarah’s

Slovak commands

tongue out plays dead

too #katyamills

seattle revisited


wide awake eyes 

blue eyeliner jumping like a heartbeat

the blonde valet 

the architecture lopes to the water’s edge 

in this uphill town

time for café au lait

feels like rain again the ships

they head to sea


closer to nirvana

no makeup no facelift

the lead singer at the beggars 

banquet crashes into us all

disrupting our moral patagonia

sourced fiber how dare you?

i am closer to nirvana 

may as well be 1989 here 

in olympia nothings changed 



woven like maseratis 

in and out the lanes 

giving no fucks we 

under the avocado tree 

made love slept 




the crows fight the wind for me 

and my burrito in this corazón of cloudy misty sea

far from our valley of perpetual 

sunshine where down moods 

cannot anchor

you asked for a kiss

and i gave



tapioca gridlock ina paper straw 

deep in thought dog playing dead ina street

sometimes u gotta suck real hard 

to get free #katyamills


like birds without songs

red arrows stitched

in the wing


we are small

we are essential



the sea

above the sea

a lonely barn flanked with stables

where horses once hung

their heads

the sea cannot be 


you become a boy

place a flower in my hair 

she thunders she 

outlives us 



daly city

only the perseverating winds

keep these homes from tumbling 

into the sea. deaf and dumb we stare 

and listen. only your arms

keep me  #katyamills