goodbye. 2014

A link to my final poem

of the year…

may the year ahead bring you great

joyfulness. stay in the light!  -K

making love. to a cell

everybodys in another galaxy

these days

touchtone crazy

going mobile

making love to their


Vitamin k

the turnaround


Non-fiction by Katya

good 4 goodness

I love chile rellenos and making kids laugh and spending time with my family, and even though i won’t always know what i am doing, doing something trumps not doing anything at all.

glazed donut

Enveloped in media glaze – fin

Linx to a poem; my thoughts and feelings on living in the here and now, how to maintain, roll up the past, defy not deny fate, roll it up and choose destiny.


hackers told me not to release my novella this month

i am going to


a flashmob
attacked me
with holiday

spoiling my humbug

how to quiet the mind


could not quiet

the mind

like yelling and



My funny bone is not funny anymore. It hurts. When i strike it. These incidents, once funny-by-accident, are now just plain accidents.

My funny bone is an accident waiting to happen. I got it insured through the my friend, the organ grinder, over at pick-and-pull boneyard, at the corner of elbow and knee streets.

Performance poetry by Katya