i lost my voice

miles from shore i

had no choice

the old rage and confusion 

the sadness yes i took the bait

jitterbugs 9 hooks

tore my belly up

i ran the line out to its end i

clean broke that red devil

flash! in the air

you ain’t never gonna

catch me 




seaworthy to be

we wore layers upon layers

thick wool caps to be

landworthy laced our boots tight

to be worthy to be

we wore our hearts out

unfurled them off a post

gave them to all 

the elements

our adversaries 

did not stand 

a chance


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Hollywood Hills

two lane highway

snake in the forest

take us to the sea

take us to Hollywood

to family with blessings

take us 2 the top of the world

to share a smoke

against sorrows

memories of screenplays of

travels and Egyptian swindlers

the red-haired boy

the love of winsome

LA sunsets


various shades of green

5 days i polished the temple with soap water a bristle brush on hands and knees bucket and rag liquefying greens ina blender i could go on like this forever without meat fish dairy sugar bread. painting the walls various shades of green… dear god… not without coffee #katyamills

enter the ocean

i cannot believe i am
flawless if you told me a million times

the salty breath

crashing into shore 

repeats this notion in my dumb ears

if you dare not enter the ocean 

headlong you will not drown
neither will you be 



small by the sea

the ocean swallowed the red sun

whole. you and me tucked behind a blanket

this sandy realm gone twilight i feel

so small by the sea and it’s good

why had we not gone swimming? 

had i forgot… in the body

the memory pulled me up

with a start. the mind

cannot fathom the sinister 


they want you they 

want you to be someone

you not a fantasy no intention on 


you fix them breakfast 

stare into they soul

streaming vids

fightin jetstream

wide open like the canyons

the world is hard and wants you

too and took you we 

have lost