i cried falling asleep i

could not stop waking up then

a bit of a drought

lots of effort in several directions

i really wanted to live to

make the most of the strange time on earth i

never fell asleep




you was down and out unable to do much of anything you saw how difficult the world can be. you called your last friend they gave you an idea. reluctantly you stepped out into the sunlight cursing your friend and yourself…then…the pain



tbh #8

no method 

can rival a letter 

written by hand

describing the thoughts the 

feelings to convey

you truly care…

much less effective

to be honest 

when you fail to 

drop said letter in

the mail


the method unconventional

practiced relentlessly

within a wave of sound

from dusk to dawn

a chorus of frogs


the eye of a full moon



on my morning walk to seven

eleven for coffee i heard a single bird

watched the light come into the sky

two women held one another

crying by the petrol station

a cat with a collar on a line wrapped round

a man austere by the fence cobalt



tbh #7

to be honest this

can happen to anyone the loss 

of direction sometimes you

gotta pray for guidance

believe in yourself!

there’s nothing you cannot 



butane hill

alone i faced the wind

above the trees blowing

in my hands sheltering the

laughing blue life of




vote for the one who speaks from the heart 

who has had hardship

overcome it

who realizes violence and madness

are contextual who did not come out of 

nowhere. vote for the one who is

not destructive but




7am. getting numb where

the drills will commence the battle 

of the teeth. the sky 

orange like novocaine

painted on gums oh 

what fun. getting



flower. papiere

the petals turn colorful pirouettes

pinwheels for narrow pupils having a moment 

under careless of cashier judgment unspoken

ultra premium violet exposition

1999. like midnight sun was a tradition