our senses gone

an unbroken dawn 

cracks and poaches its whites by the sea

the folding of time into the sun and elements 

overexposed the same

no one to blame 

adventure magnificent and tragic 

we will never love like that 



lost to sea

in a vessel constructed by hand

they faced the mighty sea alone

the sails they sewn to withstand

hundred knot winds blown 

past the limits of good faith 

across the monochrome

lashed to the wheel by a knotted sheet

they piloted through a seven day storm 

no sleep no sleep until it dialed down

salted air and foam lodged within 

the corrugated bone

they untethered too soon

a misstep any good sailor could take

to make the much needed repairs

high up on the mainsail mast 

when taken by a gust and forever

lost to sea


the unwanted

in a home near to falling

into the sea

living on oysters and powdered foods

the unwanted wanted 

to be wanted

when the sea finally took them out

they got their wish


peace is lost

we imagined

the offshore oil platforms 

invading warships 

here @ the meeting

of land and sea

how quickly peace

is lost


beneath a wave

the undertow

determined to drag us

down. we tumbled through kelp

and brine 

in the depths we found

the force 4 uplifting

triumphant she

carried us back from

the sea


the sea

above the sea

a lonely barn flanked with stables

where horses once hung

their heads

the sea cannot be 


you become a boy

place a flower in my hair 

she thunders she 

outlives us 



trajectory of suns

interior lands locked

upon a promise hollow 

wondering what and who

to follow. unable to see

suns rise and fall against 

the sea


harvey. god of the sea

we took some shots you 

caught me in transition on 

a silver disc. years later we 

met for dinner. i was lost

a cat back up hurt and poor 

you gave a royal fanfare i 

found out you’re gone by 

internet. i will never forget you

my god of the sea and

to the sea you return

Transgender flag


reading #169



a starless sky
moving sea

a diving hawk
you and me

the sea
the starless

turn around