i am looking for
to have and
to hold and
to crush
on to death do
we part

i am self
i am self seeking
to make me
whole to make me

i am interested in
a pharmaceutical
a cutey
a cut above the rest
a pillcutting
precision marching
prisoner of love

a chain gang
peptide talking
walking atomic
free from mistakes
God never blunders

i am looking for you
and i get what i want
you will love my decision
toward your realized

some day
when i tire of
your birdcage delivery
i will set you free cause
i love you so
free you
hide !

Q and A with K

Why do you cry while watching the Olympics?
K: I guess because i am really really patriotic
K: No…
I mean…maybe

How have you aged?
K: I felt like i was older when i was a little kid, and as i get older i feel younger.

Do you think you found the fountain of youth?
K: Ya. It was lying in a pool of blood.

Do you believe in God?
K: Yes. And vice versa.
God believes in you?
K: Vice versa

Who were the writers who most inspired you?

K: Um… (mind gets flooded)…Capote, Faulkner, Fante, Marquez, Pushkin, Borges, Poe, Dostoyevsky, Dickens, Bukowski, Fitzgerald, K.A. Porter, DH Lawrence, Rushdie, etc..

What form do you prefer?
K: bifurcated cosidodecahedrons turn me on. And i prefer to write novels, and flash or free form pieces.

Why do you blog?

K: Words. I just like to write words and read words and share in global word exchange markets.

So you dabble in word exchange markets?

K: Did i say dabble? No! You said dabble. I said share. S.H.A.R.E.

Why do you host two blogs?
K: One was too many, and a thousand is never enough.

How was self-publishing?
K: As fulfilling as anything I have ever done.

How about blogging?

K: A spiritual practice.
Like prayer.
Cathartic slowburn.
A selfless endeavor.

What can we expect in 2014?

K: I will continue to post new fresh flashes on wordpress and my website katyamills.com . It’s all original material. I try to offer something small every day.
You may want to follow my youtube channel because i will be reading my work there in the near future. I may also start channeling famous authors there, too. Yay.
I plan to self-publish another novel on Amazon this summer, my sophomore effort.
I plan to do more book reviews on Goodreads. And continue to expand my presence on Google Plus and Twitter. There are so many wonderful people around the world who inspire me every day.

How are you feeling?
K: Blessed, not stressed!

‘The Virgin Suicides’ – Book Review by K

Rhythm, music, feeling. The sound of words, unfettered by the demands of formal punctuation. Gone are the so-called ‘elements of style’, the stilted choppy grammatical prisons of words. Eugenides has liberated a world of words to speak a careful thoughtful truth which reflects a looking glass culture as clear as it is fragile, as rigid as it is agile, and characters trapped within it who are expansive before every contraction, larger than life and yet just a fraction. Fractured in the moving picture. I loved Sofia Coppola’s film adaptation of this novel, equally. Both the book and the film are magical, different, unusual. And unusual, in a creative and conscious kind of effort – unusual with a heartbeat – is the sort of rarity which keeps me interested in reading and watching, and engaged in the affairs of humankind. Nice to find a novel which does not leave one stuck in a pigeon pose, fervently scraping gum with a stick out from the rubber mould of a culture always left aside looking for some traction for a soul.  Image


wanting until it hurts

And have you ached with want?

the rabid foam

of lack


and do you foment insurrection

against your very

basic need?


splicing atoms after

that which

never may be yours?


if you have

then hear me now

i feel 4

five six

feel for



along the narrow


rush along

our river



You are the one
the only
number 8

divisible by two
the lens we see through
two fours fit inside
off your curves
kids can slide

on your side

seven plus one
ten minus two
nothing dangerous
about you

what i like best
is skating you, 8
on frozen ponds
in winter

what i like most
is figuring 8
around and around
and around

two zeros entwined
you may not add up
4 a stop and go world
you are poorly designed

cream puff of numbers
the cutthroats don’t suit you
no wonder you come back on

called crazy
made fun of
you always look
in the mirror
the same

i hope people see
number 8 just like me
and not just another number

there’s a little 8
in all of us
so remember
you are not just another