you cannot know them 

sealed inside an envelope they

will cut you like paper they

are shredded beyond repair

you wish you could reach them you

wish to have them for tea

locked inside a trauma they

will cut you by accident they

are secretive. precise with words

senseless must they be



u should c

 all the darkness 

when the light 



collector of spirits

she so direct she 

unabashed she so direct

no foreplay. you

overexposed and she 

over you and your

bullshit. touch your soles 

2 the floor get real. she will 

collect your spirits

and stretch them if 

you dare 2 let her 




fires surround this city 

at the cross of two rivers

in this belly

lives a fire


crossing of 

artery and vein


defend us

the lashes defended our eyes

from snowy ashes

in 72 hours across california

over 10,000 lightning strikes

over 300 fires

we dropped orange 

dystopian tracks they 

could not defend

us from tears


heart repairs

my friends they 

all died of broken


or traded them in

for junk

i took mine to 

the shop for 


not what it was

when i first fell

in love but it




the horn section bursting

set up a break against the


the reeds supple 

like fingers 

even the concrete got

to feeling. our feet 

left gooey indents in

the road

a new kinda hollywood 

where everyone’s

a star



 one eleven scorching hot one

ten wasn’t enough one 

eleven the power grid got crushed

the block goes dark

all the people complain 

luddite for a night so

what. wired so long

can’t remember your



fuck all.14

we wanted change so bad. an end to the dying. an end to the killings and denial. a magical awakening for those who are thoughtless. deluded. without feeling. i once was the same. fuck all anyone could have done to move me

11 hearts

today we gave 11 

hearts away

to the fighters


a fake smile for the