Maze 2:12:3 Storytelling

Book Two
Daughter of Darkness Series
Chapter 12:3
In the last episode 2:12:2 Blood on the streets of Oakland! Panic on the streets of Oakland! Murder on the streets of Oakland!
And here is the latest — 5 star review — for Maze.


Review: On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

On Writing: A Memoir of the CraftOn Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

King’s book on writing (written around 1999).
I thought it was helpful. I particular took a mental note on his comments about drafting. How he works it. Also the importance of having a beta readers, or someone like Tabitha King in your corner. I like how he also recognized the ‘magical’ part of the writing process. I think both beginning writers and tried and true authors could learn something from this book. And it is etched with King’s trademark sense of humor and some really cool anecdotes.


Maze 2:12:2 Storytelling

Book 2
Daughter Of Darkness Series
Chapter 12
Part 2
In the last episode 2:12:1 Maze and Ame and Kell are taking the subway back under the San Francisco Bay when they spot a bottom feeder of a guy who is planning to prey on a drunken girl. Little does he know, he is being watched. And he will be taken.

reduce me

put me ona stove
ina pot

blue flames burst forth

beneath the pot
and i

its gettin warm in
here someone please
open the fenetre

i see you through the windows
we have cleaned

the windex was blue
then turned green

by the pines and redwoods
on the autre side

those lil bubbles forming
all along our sides
and bottom

the surface begins
to circulate

a young mist sprouts
out and hoverin

awaitin you and
me in the aquamarine
sky we seen


waitin for my fix


chick passes me
like im a telephone pole

unlocks the glass door
i say HEY

all i need is a filter
and some water under
boil SEE

i got this fukkin maxwell

OFF the street
while waitin


she snarls but
comes back with the
smokin teapot and

my shaking hands
take the paper
lean my head back
on my nekk

empty tin into
paper put paper
over mouth

lift teapot over
head and POUR

now im really


book review

Review: Hilda the wicked witch

Hilda the wicked witchHilda the wicked witch by Paul Kater
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a lighthearted story introducing a wicked witch made famous now by prolific author Paul Kater in his ongoing series of many books. I have been reading one of the other tales, Lycadea, which I am enjoying, so I wanted to get back to the first book where Hilda arrives through a mishap with a mirror and an attempt to confront a black-haired beauty who may be stealing her thunder. She comes across to the humans like that stereotypical ‘crazy lady’, but when she manifests her magic, she gets your attention for sure. I found this an easy read and rather fun and playful. Most of the characters were not really well-developed, but this is a novella or novelette, so this was understandable. I wasn’t overly impressed by the writing, but it is interesting to see the evolution in Kater’s writing (compared against his later work). This author from the Netherlands weaves a good tale with comedy and magic. Many readers have grown attached to Hilda and follow the series religiously.