intervals together we

shared the unforgettable 

brevity the building feverish 

the long hours waitin…

years later got our wish

all our days twenty

four seven together we 

could have killed each

other and then…

we did  #katyamills

on the 5th try

a hawk fought 4 balance 

over the banks of the river

5 times she spoke 

4 times he did not listen

it was bound 2 be a great 

fall     #katyamills

solution like the ocean

the days could be dizzying

we all got mixed up

it matters

how you put your

self together how fantastic 

to solve oneself 

like so   #katyamills

say if 

if you say if

i was wrong in your

letter of apology

you ain’t



b gen

i gen and then evolved to be gen

life was saturated online

receptive fandoms and such

offline the marble got smaller

and rolled and could only be seen

from a great distance 




unable to think unable 

to speak. mashed and bounced

precisely half ways across the earth

absorbed by some gargantuan feeling

you wrote poems unlike mine 

except they was true. watch 

over me and i over you


grand theft life

Here are the latest reviews for my novellaGrand Theft Life

Jessica rated it: really liked it

Paula Cox : This seems really familiar. It seems to be like the book Maze I read. It was good. I liked it a lot. Would definitely recommend.

Amanda rated it: really liked it Sep 05, 2021

Kristen rated it: liked it Jan 01, 2021

Bianca Betts rated it: it was ok Nov 17, 2020

Aaron Stroud rated it: it was amazing Nov 08, 2020

Christi Massey rated it: it was amazing  ·  I really enjoyed the grittiness of this book. Very atmospheric and engaging. Great read!


question everything

and the thoughts run 

wild across the

synapse  #katyamills

made up

laced up our finest boots

eyelashes bold 

made up real fierce we

rolled out with our knapsacks

to the independent 



blow the disparate minds

takes silence   





on all the tragedy

you inflicted and when the time comes 

destroy the very home obliterate the ego 

rebuild it from scratch

and blow the