the dreamer

inside the dream the

dreamer searched 4 coffee

searched 4


storytelling 101

let the story tell you


i was only 11 in 1984 we 

found freedom from our families

in graveyards at night trying tricks on 

our boards without wheels then

down the hill the days in town on

wheels. the SMITHS blaring the radiant

sun out of the sky



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Girl, Interrupted 
Naked Lunch 
Flesh and Blood 
Basketball Diaries

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Trouble '99 by Katya Mills

Trouble ’99
by Katya Mills (Goodreads Author)

day social media died

cat out mousing 

to sharpen his claws i

 stuck inside dredging 

the twitter feed like some 

weary curator 

in a third rate watered

down shop of intrigue 

and horror


give thanks

 you had a day off you

worked so much these days 

free time was an anomaly

pressure came from somewhere

inside you. say a prayer

walk outside

let the day come 

to you



sunshine bleached the world

in half. i gave you the prism and we 

made colors of black 

of white mas fina the



up / in

push me in mud wash

me in sand peck my nail beds

until they fissure steal 

my thoughts  pull my hair 

for the nest button up

my feelings


will i never 

give up nor 


the week washed away with the rain. gone after sleep we lumbered round the house catching up with ourselves you and i. rolled before dawn for a bird. blasted the heat. tired of covid and politics tired from work. such was life


wax cy

am. friday 

cold walk to the corner

heat of coffee in 

my hands


out to u

with love