silent crime

some days were all traffic
no let up

it was hard to even
get up

so many screens
so little time and who would believe
a moment of silence…

could feel
a crime

soft fall

the grapefruit ice you stir

upon the delta breeze
while summer lost

the spark

calm down you need not


the leaves to turn and

softly fall upon the crossing


time to sit and talk

all the cell phones gone and what a world

would be. what a world



was and how we got along you

fingered my blouse i cried to think so

soon you would be



the song of summer has ended
and we nest inside our city

these dawns thaw out long
after the sunrise. i cut most
my hair off and dive beneath

the complexities

i can smile waking up again. i
can find myself again
in the winter. i

can see my breath



the sun below ground at 4 o’clock

the sky could feel her

runnin in colors off a



some kids got sent back to aisle 5 at the safeway

tryin to buy single coronas off a



i was searchin for my simple honeybee

bear and asked around. we found each other

in lucky no.7


across the street turned up 8 ounces

coffee. hot and fierce. not a bad start

for a day


not a bad start at all

stay present and you can handle


kill it with truth

the ring you gave me years ago when

we were still in love


i lost it. i did not know i had

in the lot adjacent to the autoparts store

touch up paint spilled so i scrubbed

my hands with pumice


how we died. i cannot stand the memory the

fallout years ago

we could no more kill

it with kindness only