in the reprieve of summer
we gathered like birds in the park
for a cause

i donated books to the library

a man with manufactured legs
walked his dog

the trees dying of thirst

in this land

we cannot live without

our causes 

a great many flock behind 

the ones who stand

in front


the last wave

down a narrow sandy path checkered with manzanita

to Point Rincon in this sleepy surf town

a memorial of painted rocks for a man who gave his wife

the child she always wanted before drowning

on the last wave. three days we stayed in Carp

churning avocados into guacamole. we are lucky 

llamas truly blessed hoping to meet a descendant of

the Chumash   #katyamills

Big Sur beats

highway 1

eleven hundred miles 

of coast with you 

los gatos at home

weaving through 

the mountains

radio and gas stations 

the canyons

salt in our nostrils
kelp tossed like an aside

to the beaches
water pounding sense into 

these rocks 

reach out 

over the cliffs to 




was gonna cross myself

take something wasn’t mine

had the opportunity and 

let it be. before i awoke found

myself reading what i wrote on a stage

touching into my under

blue arm tattoo

dear anarchist dream self 

thank you for coming in 

line after 48 years all