any american

like any american

she was in debt

in the wealthiest country in the world

pressing the last bit out toothpaste out of the roll

easy with cash 

when she was drunk


ph phrenia

i often saw sweet images 

as we pressed liquid into fabric

processing soy sauce for the restaurant

i kept this to myself for years 

until the voices began to speak to me 

you can’t make me do anything I don’t want to

i cut and stretched and framed the fabrics 

let me share with you

here. open your eyes

can you see?


upon waking. tuesday morning

tuesday morning

wake me with flashing pixelated light

blast me with heat from a gasoline engine

drop a single sugar donut into my belly

float me on a river of coffee 

black. let them play with words 

if they want 



she paints her face

throwing knives at cutting boards

for the little creatures

she attacks dirt grease cobwebs until very late at night when the narcissistic monster comes home

demanding of her

the heart of a fighter she

billows her skirt

shows her teeth


the the the stuff

my doppelgänger

fell for a car and a home. a washer and a dryer

years of not caring much about stuff and now

she does

when i inquired about the change of heart

she answered people die on the streets with nothing

why should we go out like that?

she does whatever she wants 

and now i think…

i like stuff

don’t really know why and not sure i care

i like stuff


mega terf monster

will i see a mega terf monster

barking up the twitter tree?

better get some bear spray just in case

or turn my iPhone into a strobe light

those who come without a phone

cannot take the throne


one two four. across from the liquor store

we had much to discuss

across from the liquor store

friday night

gay icons

boba milk tea

lotto tickets

yellow curry


watching the drunks

in the shadow of the


year of the rabbit

the year of the rabbit

a month of steady rain

got my ticket. unlimited 

hopped the southbound




you may not feel the world 

so uncaring

if you place yourself in it

moment to moment




caught in a downpour

on the highway. rain and hail

the trucks wheels put up a fountain of water

blinding us. not long after someone road raged on us

like it was traditional

i think i improved my relationships 

to pain and uncertainty