heart out

life is a one way 

ticket outta

town – so – we may as well live

from the heart



the book nobody read

the book nobody read lived in a cell inside they head

the defense for freedom argued nobody will be harmed

but the words got in the way #katyamills

cat on a cold sushi roll

i was stretching my wrist out

twirling the cat on the sushi roll

round and round and round

a random day off. the work

was slowly killing me one screen

at a time. you told me when

you closed your eyes and listened

to me typing you thought of all the

crazy shit must be going through

my mind #katyamills


a murder of crows landed 

in the birch south of the second 

story window. we crouched 

like tigers aperture wide with 

teeth. i’m dead


lost in cityscapes

in between dreams i had gone for a pee

then fell back under

my arm wrapped around you

palm pressed into your belly


i found myself again lost in cityscapes 

only this time your 

cat eyes beside me softened 

the searching



death of a publisher

without you

we keep writing

on a spare wheel empty tank 

stormy night without a windshield 

broken headlight

no spare change in enemy



retail paradise

how i fight 

the urge to overspend

depositing myself in retail 

paradise how very




so you like 

slow cars 

and silence 

living alone

no tv

no kids

so you got
strong meds

no voices no 


so you got 

somethin 2 

say what 

is it?




coffee and

classical music


i must be thoughtless


4 worlds come

into view


joie de vivre

on the roughest days they

turned up the radio 

hoping joie de vivre might 

rub off. the no knock warrants of mood 

and memory 

how lucky

to be alive