the call came in at 444 

half the way out the door they

answered in a rainbow frame of mind

happier than hell 4 the big gruff voice

underneath it all someone cared 

they still cursed him out

for insulting they friend

he apologized from the top of cloud 

nine   #katyamills

like pressure makes diamonds

up all night i remember us

survival turns seconds into minutes

sealed inside like pressure creates 

an equilibrium by which we

can roll. time got nothing on us

the city still and quiet makes

diamonds. we meet in the park after

dawn   #katyamills

take a look at my life

old man nurses a pipe paces

the sidewalk slow black

vest and chain he strikes a dead stop

composing the thoughts in his head

where anyone would love

2 compose. isis flops on her back

undeterred by cars and sarah’s

Slovak commands

tongue out plays dead

too #katyamills