Tampa, Florida. 1997

narrow dirt roads for legs
two moons for eyes she
was once that kid on a
milk carton

did not want to be found

twelve years later watching x
files smoking weed helps

the pain she
cares for her grandfather
and her son

they’re both handfuls

grandfather drinks and smokes
like he’s half his age
boy cries and throws tantrums like
he’s half his and he’s

she loves them without

i want to be around people
who give me energy
she shouts (competing with the
swamp cooler) not
take it

thick gravel roads for legs
half moons for eyes she
hasn’t changed

the traveler. 1997

life changed i

free of walk and free
of talk

those i loved
who had loved me

a sunny room
i watch you start in on
your meal

a couch under a modest chandelier
time passes
a soft spot where my voice
had been

ceramic plate
eggs and a spot of ketchup
a silver fork and listen!
do not speak!

contractions expansions the hands
climbing circles round
a face

you cannot
this cannot be

pots and pans brimming
with soap. good god
are we?

good god! i am



imperial pints to touch

we brought
shared visions of our future

summer burning

long stretches behind typewriters
open facing books

fingerprints dusted in
ink backs up against
a kitchen sink

worked into a


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Katya Mills(Goodreads Author)


Christi Massey‘s review

Apr 20, 2020

it was amazing

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I really enjoyed the grittiness of this book. Very atmospheric and engaging. Great read!


reading our minds

thinking of you
falling for you

neither fear nor misunderstanding
today. the moments
make me sad

how long will we have?

you are tired i am
tired not always discontent
but tired

by the world

shut the door

let us be

warm feet meet cold feet
lying on a couch reading
our minds

remix 1997

extremity of the heart

if there was snow
there were snowballs
you hit me with one

started a battle

blew into a hundred thousand particles

each little packed explosion tasting

touched by love

winter when i remember

how deep
we fell

by instinct



bookstores and books
we bought dropping the change
into hands holding cups like a prayer
outside mcdonalds

soon there would be
nothing more
to live



My thoughts turn to Hong Kong where democracy leaders who have fought for the ‘one country, two systems’ were recently arrested and detained. Timing is suspicious as they know the global pandemic is likely to edge out anything else (no matter how relevant) for headlines. An age old political tactic for sure. My thoughts turn also to less fortunate countries in these troubling times. Covid19 has had a terrible impact on the USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, UK, China. All countries with historically thriving economies, mostly well connected and funded, top notch with research and development, technological advances, and responsiveness to crisis. One can only imagine the devastation when it marches through impoverished areas. How will Africa and India and South America be impacted? I worry for the global economy and a second Great Depression. People gathering at State Capitols across the nation, protesting stay at home orders, their jobs and livelihoods at stake. And it is true that for every family every single job is not non-essential. People want desperately to get back to work. We are all walking on a tightrope it seems and for various reasons. The world needs true leadership. Who will step up? So far we’ve seen a few. Dr. Fauci. Angela Merkel. Gavin Newsom. Andrew Cuomo. Anxiety about the contagion and keeping it subdued competes with fear of the economic impact that comes from not working. I feel increasingly fortunate to have my job and my writing habit and my friends and family. Work keeps me sane. GREAT news! my manuscript is complete and ready to be published. I’m grateful for freedom of speech.    #katyamills

big sky

why so sad?
she asks

my girl my
thin t shirt
above me

smiling not quite
drunk pinning her locks
to my heart

i dunno it’s so crystal
this moment

big sky holds


i snap the
bra strap
as she yawns

remix 1996

daylight with earth

she saw by
her soul
images painful
bold. this world
its children
mix daylight with

she took the lights
down. he pissed on the porcelain
water scattered
with poison

dead leaves pale
faces under a big

candles on the tank

and shoulders and


he had to have her
pain made him
whole again

behind his eyes
a redemptive quality
cast in a pervasive light
his struggle

remix 1996

skatin the i.ball

in a crowd i was
a thief my eyes shifty my
shadow darted into grates
hands in pockets pupils
skating the eyeball
in circles. an object of
derision a sinking

alone i was birth
and death and
neverending i
drank my coffee
after five hours

my moment

i was left

i was shy i
longed to