i saw the law i
went outside. they searched me
searched my car they
fined me cuffed me
locked me behind bars they
assaulted me made me feel stupid
ashamed hopeless and lost
consider me lucky they
never took my life



some skinhead ina truck ahead of me flying
beyond the limits drifted left hit the median
at thirty degrees bounced off
fender crumpled

brakes burning i thought it was over
for all of us. dirt from the shoulder rising
to meet the windshields
giving us flak

like nothin happened
we picked up speed and drove on
heartbeat tapering down

the trajectory of my life is not dissimilar
almost totaled

like nothing happened i go on
body demands coffee day and nightapproaching fifty like i’m
twenty-five. takin flak. sense of purpose
no different than it was
back in ‘85 

june 21

slept for ten hours and would have

more but for hydraulics screaming 

under weight of recycling beyond 

the back door. dissociated after my sugar crash i

zoned out on credit karma 

to witness the inevitable separation 

of self from hard-earned 



snapshot 26

life is always 

changing hard to


temperature climbing

freestyle rhyming

cultures dubbed like sound

no longer willing 

to be reduced 

to a wheeze

statues standing in

stone motion cold


getting up i get

down to strike keys

dissing the




leading a protest against 

emptiness i was

in need of SSRIs

held up by hairspray 

insides like jello

lookin sorry

played out

feelin neglected

relationships faded i

could not synch the

clocks i was checking

all the locks

i found my

own way out by god

that’s life 


remix 2012


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we were group thinking

rising in numbers 

exponential on the


then i saw you

detached. by the stairs. head

down shoe laces free

style blowing out

in some other


you lifted your eyes you

searched you extracted my heart 

by a keyword

i would give up my cause

for you. unlock me

from the masses! the

pain is almost



knock down drag

you were workin several shifts 

holding it down. i was lifted hopin

this could hold up. you were

switchin gears then i tried 

you and we had a knock down

drag out. the dogs left howling

in the yard. a playful sun hid 

behind a cloud. then set the 

sky on fire. i. you.

we all come down



yesterday i got lost
on gen z emo
rap and cried about the lean
the purple the blue
they turned
before their time
came due

thank god
the music lives


life is sharp and ready

to cut

cat on my chest


pushing retracting


life is soft and

dreamy ona

sunday morning

the newsprint wants 

to murder



so much to do

not enough time

the screens blinding

i would be lying if

i said i was