i got startled by a turtle
and jumped out of my shell

it was hell

bird watching. 15

may sound twisted
but being bludgeoned by her

helped him
find new pursuits

bird watching

flashing on you. 15

the moment you move into
and trespass my space

contend with me
flashing on you


there’s nothing will stop me
you will be mine

no law can enforce
my psychosis

door 4

I looked around the room and saw the goodness in the space. I will be writing many books in this room, I told myself, so far I have written one. The room feels magical to me. Spacious. Full of books. Three doorways: one to the kitchen, one to the closet, one to the city streets. Oh! And door number 4. The one which opens up to new worlds. 

Book Review: ‘The Enlightened Ones’


by Lacey Reah

I read a couple of short stories by the author which I really liked, so I decided to try one of her longer works. This book takes you into the heart of a cult through the eyes of a young and impressionable girl who comes from a broken home in LA. The girl, Maggi, is such a sweet and special character I found myself deeply involved with her circumstance, and basically lost on a sea in this disturbing psychological storm which overtakes her and her friends. It was difficult to put this book down, because I was worried for her and hopeful that things would work out okay. Many of her friends (and some of her enemies) have intriguing storylines of their own! Being in a cult causes people to question their reality, and the author captures the process of brainwashing and shows us how easy it is, even for intelligent and compassionate individuals, to fall under the spell of a well-intentioned community or family with a charismatic leader. The only criticism I have for this work, is that the events that unfold kinda resemble a true to life situation that happened in America 30-40 years ago, and I found myself distracted by the comparison. Otherwise, this was a wonderful story which had me in tears a couple of times and sad to reach the end, amazed and wanting more.

unwavering. 10

Quiet. Calm. Resolute

My love for life somehow

still unwavering

Book Review- ‘Places and Times’


a collection of poetry by Arthur Turfa

“The voice behind the stories told, the memories, the dreams, the paths chosen and faces and seasons, is a loving voice, a gentle voice, a steady and constant companion to us in this world suddenly rushing open. And ushered in was I, into a meditation through stained glass the cold wind blew, as the seasons changed, and the feelings so adeptly expressed and the times so dearly explained, from the tragic and recent fall of Joe Pa and the Nittany Lions inexplicable, to the heights of Assisi and mill towns, Pennsylvania, to the converging of cultures in an ordinary stop for gas by the Interstate, to the echoes and wonders of faith intoning voices conjugating evolutions out about and falling down the steeps to the river to lost. From Parnassus to a classroom in New Mexico, the poet takes us confidently through a checkered past, always anchored by a deeper faith abiding, along the river to new and old settlements, fields that once were walls, where the fog lifts, finally, and all can be seen in like a still reflection. I was amazed at times by the imagery and the measured pace of the verses, which held my hand through to the end and new beginnings. It is no wonder how many poems here find us set upon a different hilltop, looking over near and distant lands. For it is from this vantage we get the most intimate details of a life most valuable and true. What a deep sharing, here.”  – KatYa


Read ‘Grand Theft Life’

Ame is an unusual girl. The voices in her head remind her all the time, and anti-psychotics cannot stop them. Her abduction from her adoptive home to the underworld was foretold. She begins life anew in the dark heart of an American city, part of a family she never knew she had, becoming more and more conscious of her own innate and extraordinary abilities. Though conflicted by the violent practices her people employ upon the human race, she has little choice in the matter. The alchemy is in her blood: some will live to tell… others must die.    – KatYa


i lit a dream
in the night


car alarms
got triggered

so did