some say reckless

leaning into the winds 

they faced the storm with

some say reckless some say 

selfless abandon

by the gods 

they were allotted

the power to save


dream of dreams

there was a dream made of an element not yet on the table filling all the gaps in our memory all the holes in our souls with a warmth akin to sunshine. the visionaries had no words no words to see it settled the collective insecure bittersweet heart  #katyamills


the will of the people cannot always 

prevail. we see this in Hong Kong even in the States 

where capitalism fights democracy

to a draw


write off

try living it

try being it

then may you honor its rightful place in the universe

and yours   


the cut

you wrote the cherished ones

describing life in the forest. all

they knew was the streets. the high rises

 cast deeper shadows in

the cut  #katyamills

single form

kindness comes in countless forms

hate? a bitter tea


book giveaways

hi friends i’m running two simultaneous giveaways

for ebooks on goodreads…

drift 25

was a late night rain

they lifted the e-brake

spun the wheel they

drifted away   



dear god may i rise may i

fly from these illest confines

captured from below by your lens

an honest verse composing

flanked by puffy clouds and

friends dear god true

friends   #katyamills

les nuits

god i remember the nights we

came out with the moon

walking the streets full with love 

and venom 

they cannot do not will never