dawn #534

dawn broke as i walked to see you

bounce in my step. neon signs spun the fog

into curls how unfortunate you

were not home. dashed my love

drifted. piecemeal. distributed among the forlorn

manic girls party boys and the mangy 

cur      #katyamills

route 9

we cut class we cut

through woods to route 9

sliced the town

in two. we thumbed rides

when you pulled over we

ran off to devil’s slide  

a wicked rock to split a senseless head 

you chased us like the cartoons

sabotaged by rockets shot

from coke bottles 



the lost and spellbound

he comes to you unafraid

dyslexic softly stabbing

wood all day with a



like a bird to feed

plants hanging around

awhile. dripping with smile

Childish. he dips into you

spellbound. a man he

gets his fill and





world bipolar

time made history we

shred the wheat in the bowl

soak in milk and 

digest. they lie in the mud

sheltered by big red hats

and flags. injustice

never ends. world bipolar we hope we 

retreat then take the stage

more colorful than red

white and blue