one and two

i was one milk tea short of a spectacular day

when you told me you were at your breaking point 

the beneficiary of your former friend’s rage 

i doubled up my order adjusted my coordinates

and found you     #katyamills

Russian Ukrainians

they painted one another’s nails 

the colors of the flag 

and while doing so they 

talked about the war and drank english tea 

and wondered when the men

were coming home


i let my emotions free 

they ate up all the cake they

drank the boba tea

we were not invited

back and they talked about us 




i was on the couch with milk green tea. a book resting its wings on my chest. my nerves were playing hard after one of those days you wanna forget. what was left of the light, deflected off the silver ring you gave me, and found a home in the flowers. they say when a planet gets too close to the sun, its atmosphere begins to burn off and leaves a smoky trail in outer space. after countless years it is stripped down to a scorched rock. culture. dedicated to breakdown and cracked in the teeth. well well, i thought, earth still got its atmosphere and i got one, too. i don’t give a damn what they say when they don’t know what they’re talking about! the thought of this calmed me and i drifted into peaceful sleep.  #katyamills

true crime

rolling thoughtful eyes

a milky soporific

tea leaves discarded in an angry

drain.  too long i let it steep too long. i’m sorry

the confession

the weapon



pepper tea

the subtle thing got a little louder the
magnanimous one dropped back some. when they met
for pepper tea the not so subtle truth told the big
thing you sure made me feel important
you did. thank you. they stirred sugar
evenly. room enough
for two



you came to my door selling candles

and applespice tea in blonde wooden

boxes. i bought the one with a dragon

holding a sword. the kind you wanna

carve into your arm some day



tea 4 the workers

get out upon a friday

dawn. lost inside
the fog
when the end comes
you will be tired
feel it in your
feet your
knees your
walk proud into your weekend
have tea read the paper
the leaves and
you put your
all into it

+ cross +

speak my heart i
may not cross

hum of the engine faded we
could see the tea

a season of
upsets a family
of misunderstanding

beat my heart
speak my heart
what be true

may i not

cross you

teas cut with

black and green teas cut with banana and chocolate and herbs. opened into the air from large glass jars. i called their name over the busy morning store. someone i had not seen in a year.

the class would start soon, exercises and sun salutations. i brought my friend. she’s early on, expecting her first child.

i will run the river until i strike gold.

after tea, we said goodbye. i pulled out on broadway. i was in such a state of calm i didn’t get rattled when a car heading east drove up on the median. a palm tree lost some skin today.

it’s easy to lose your balance in the world if you let off the pulse.