come to the center 

find your common

ground let the stuff spin 


there will always be dynamics  

find your self

hold steady with 

flex balance your 

chex and




may the spirit prevail through 

heat smoke and virus 

fire and political storm in twenty

twenty. i push and make demands

of this lethargic clumsy body 

just the sameĀ 



colors flood
the story in your heart
locating a world
focused on eye


rotary phone

like some sweet casino game

they drilled holes in a disk

attached to your face

buxom and heavy

enough i could defend my life

by you. crack some bastard

in the skull. curled

umbilical cord wrapped around

the body. receiver gripped cold

dial zero for an operator

will talk you down

until help arrives



they was loving life they was up

at dawn and ya they got knocked down they

got up quick they came back fighting


after they been through it they

sat back drank a

cool glass of water up

at dawn and

such was life



you let me cross you let me dress i let you down  


seven ways of sayin

keep showing

up don’t let these thoughts

overpower you. stressed

detained i see you locked

inside a flame beside 

the river

talk to me show me how

you feel. we are water when

we let go


life before cars

i remember you years back. funny and loud
silence didn’t stand a chance

they expanded the freeway

now i cannot hear the birds
like they planned it

ten lanes now
the whole family out

bowling. an icy can of orange and two

tone shoes. big shiny ball ona slow roll

i got you in my head again. when you left

it was life before cars


these dreams

feeling lost they

danced back into one

of a thousand worlds they

called home

lightning struck

through a dark web


they drank champagne

with a twist on a staple of twitter


now was time 

to search themselves then

produce these



snapshot 25

the sky is asking the

water running i

discard my early morning jeans

step into the

peach skin of apartments

the weave of baskets the

morning sun the

life of the