Ukrainian joke

an explosion 

not far from Moscow

credit the Russians

smoking cigarettes 




word spread over forest river sea and sand
Ukraine countered the Russian offensive
reclaimed the land!

citizens found in pits hands tied behind backs
others told of holding wires connected to generators under interrogation

women came out of hiding to embrace
the faithful soldiers


the queen is dead

Ukraine being bombed to hell 

China painting Hong Kong red

no one in the world can stop it 

now the queen is dead 


Russian Ukrainians

they painted one another’s nails 

the colors of the flag 

and while doing so they 

talked about the war and drank english tea 

and wondered when the men

were coming home


april 20

the roosters the dogs the cats

toll the time

they fight for their lives

we get into our wheels we

run to our hearts 



Ukraine – spotlight

a month ago they were creating videos 

by drone for family and friends and social medias

today they are key players

enlisted to locate and surveil the enemy

recording evidence of war crimes



they lost the sea a long time ago. they had to believe in the country as ascendant, powerful again. all they made off that land in the east, farming it, working it, was indispensable to the world. so roll the dice, old school style with tanks and battalions. the one in power decided it for them, the time was now, give your grown men for the military, the only chance was by land. a great many families got crushed up and swallowed. for what? by omission the whole thing was a lie.  #katyamills


a school teacher two months ago

drawing figures on a board

now a colonel in the Ukrainian army

fights side by side with his son 

25 miles from the border

telling any Russian soldier within earshot 

you better run



a full tank nearly broke the bank

the price of gas rising almost feels decent like

solidarity with Ukraine 


freedom square

it’s easy to wanna give Russia all we got

one would have to be spiritless to not wanna join 

the citizens of Ukraine in this fight against 

country one hundred times in size

yet the Russian people… they are good people

they should not be subjected to war