Trouble’99 #wip

“I sat beside him in the freezing cold, and he asked if I could sing and I said no. Great, he told me, you got the job. When you recognize the song I want you to sing along. I started humming along at first and then begin by whispering them, the lyrics, then my whisper got a little louder. I still got quiet and shy with all the people rushing in and out during the heaviest of the commute times. He told me my voice sounded lovely next to his tired hatchet job on the guitar. We were a broken record of a different kind. If we could just be a little louder we might make some bread.”    —  Katya Mills


was my middle
name. i used to think you oughta

stir shit up. now i know

anarchy is over

revolution will
occur naturally now and

do not provocate

just because you see a change

before it comes

be the change. educate

peace is a precious


stretched so hard i touched memory

the visions were transverse

mixing with memories until

they were infused

came from some old scratch on

some old disc in my fourteenth vertebra

top of the column down

probably got it playing frisbee

circa 1992

a tree pushed a root up and tripped me

in an old growth forest i

had broken up with my third

best friend

forever wasn’t as long as

i imagined