back 2 back

i had my same old prayers and back to back

they matched the breath

sunrise and

same old prayers and all the bullshit

in between we must attend

for such

is life
is life
is life


you touch the sapphire eye for solace

without looking when


come to this country never been

here before

the ones you meet either like you

or dislike you for no good reason

a period to end all the sentences running

and running away

a pitch turning colors displaying a royal

flush of feathered tails

have another vodka sapphire eye sees

you home

final reading #253

this is the last reading and the end of the trilogy i wrote. it was a great adventure and i believe i learned alot in writing my first ever trilogy, it was hard! look out for my new novella coming out soon! you can find all the books i have written (for a total of 4) and one short story on and of course