iphone city

she padded around

in leopard print slippers 

giving the plants glasses of water


raccoons huddled up

after dodging cars and found

a broken window to climb into her garage

they were stronger and bolder

the iphones 

made the humans



nine ten

you know a life was lived 

when you cannot say

the book was better than 

the real thing


rumors of war

these divisions in the earth

pay heed. often invisible

noted by a sign or fence or posting

which side you are on may 

be the difference between death

and life



death was


unpacking all 

the bad karma you 

accumulated against 

the good

life was juicy

a study in animation

test flight of the soul  

not to demonize



(grow) up

when dead broke the bills 

get big and ferocious they yell at you 

late @ night cant get no sleep

growing up u discover u

your own problem now 



sounds like bees

like indy cars life 

engine buzzing 

flies by

checkered flags 

means your through

hopefully they made it

2 the finish line


the girlfriend 

the wreaths

cow milk

4 you



life once was song

created and produced by crickets

ina full throated silence


flying down a dirt road at dusk

consumed with emotion

she demands 

we find another



deep cut no.2

life like 

a switchblade 

it can be used 

against you


be like a poem never will be written

how does one describe the exhalation of breath

the incomplete gesture the

tangible space suddenly


there is a part of me died with you

a fragment

a trailing cry pulling at my hair

wanting to lash out and


something to see

the color of blood as

a way in

as a way out

to look for you

all this is like a poem that never will be written

to die to find you

to leave this alien place premature

and come home

when life was wonderful

i wanna say how grateful i am. what a wonderful life. today is gonna see rain in a dry land. what could be more welcome than tears to a hardened, willful visage? when life was wonderful was now