love. circling

we rode our bikes across the bridge. on windy days we stopped to watch the starlings fly down off the supports, hundreds of them circling in unison. traversing land, sky and water. it was here where, what felt like a hundred years ago, we fell in love.  




we pressed the paper map into the table 

compelled to the north through the mountains 

i gave in easy because i love you

south. through the desert

my imagination can fill in 

any vast expanse of




you stole my heart 

but i am stubborn and do not stand for thieves

signaled by the wren’s song

with a final kiss i took my love

and left you 

waking up 500 miles away

all my belongings in my car 

drinking coffee 

falling for a sunrise 

wrapping my arms around




in the fields wet with dew

we walk

the body needs not touch

for solace

we are primary

when we overlap 

a letter at midnight i hold to my heart

how the light 

filters through


the romance of the screens

who will lead 

the opposition of the urge 

to indulge past past past the point of full

to sleep in long long long on a sunday 

to watch swipe watch?

it takes guts to knife the romance 

of the screens

the eyes hurt the head aches and

love is opposition

is bold



senses dulled by time 

and heartache

they could no longer see no longer 

hear no longer grasp nor respond

to touch

they withdrew each morning

from an endless store of emotion

across the passing day they

gave it all away 

unblind in the knowing 

how to love 


fleeting love

one bloody second

in love 

paled  the bluest



the i that was not

you said 

you carried conversations in your head with me like i was there

when i was not

you said i said 

i love you

i kissed your head i said 

the i that was not i was true 

because i do


one night in the car in the rain

that night she knew he wanted to make love to her in the car in the rain

for her just knowing she was wanted she was loved was more than making love could ever give


the first days of fall

the strings the smoke the horns 

she was kissing him all along the face

the many many foamy glasses

raindrops striking the storefront

windows … 

the first days of fall

the lips would remember it all