i am taken

flecked with silver and shimmering

hands clasped around your neck

wearing the forever coat of nails

you made me

i wanna kill the ones who made the internet

sometimes. for drawing me away from you 

to careless icy screens



languid and still drunk

you took your bottomless coffee

like medicine to ill effect

you could still love bro

sometimes that’s how it goes bro

always up on your toes bro

heart broken like the eggs over 

your grand slam special


heart of glass

she had done herself up and sumptuous by nightfall. he watched her drag her glass bottle coke with a straw. he already had her heart but could not know. hidden behind a heavy fortification of eyelash, cool undertones with a touch of cosmic apple blush.  #katyamills

less than likely

we watch the kids play pinball at the city arcade
selecting broad beans for our coronation
quiche. the lands we lived on
shaped us. it had nothing to do with sex
get the mind out of the gutter
ball. the clothes cling to our body 
and the line in the garden

closing the book over the mark 

we go to sleep


your love

is a command

a letter with intent on a flaw finding mission

a plastic screenplay run through ai

generating artificial tears

to torture my wounds

thanks to your love

i love to be 




i wanna ditch these streets
for the soft touch. an endless forest
these days have passed
awakened by your voice
i cannot find my way back
i wanna chorus of crickets
the only knock upon door a woodpecker
where my money don’t matter
sustenance to lift by roots
from earth


never fold

bronze silver

copper and gold

follow your heart

never fold



I recall how the pace slowed 

we began to really get one another

after living hard and fast

flashbacks of powder mixed with water

blood in the syringe

how we found space inside these judgments i do not know 

your arm crossed over me protective

leaning into you

we rest 


march marches on

the rain 

the wind

the love you


anaerobic ponds

once clouds 


and march 

marches on




remember it all

it astonishes me to remember how i hurt you

and you nearly killed me and yet

we were in love

some say leave the past in the past it’s ancient history

i remember it all

if it were not indispensable why 

do we study History as if it were

some exquisite