whatever (it takes)

 smoked a whole pack 

of cigarettes drank an entire pot

of coffee

whatever it takes to keep still 

and write the damn



may 18

i have this aching in my bones. but it’s ok. summer is about to strike. the sun the source of energy. i love this feeling. i know this feeling. i’m at the edge of a jagged cliff. preparing for a deep dive… into a book.


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book of poetry (new release)

hello friends! this is Katya. i am happy to announce i released my first book of poetry yesterday. Up From the Downtrodden. thanks for all your feedback here as many of the poems i chose to include came by looking at my wp statistics and finding the poems that you all loved the most over the past several years. i have been primarily an author of fiction and creative nonfiction, and all of my 6 published works on goodreads.com (and amazon.com) are either novels and novellas. i am fully independent and do all my own editing and self-publishing. i use beta readers to ensure the content is highest quality.

i took every poem through additional edits over the past year as i built this collection up, so poems you find in the collection will be more fully realized versions of themselves. the only way i’ve been capable of publishing a poem a day for the last 9 years (the promise i made to myself for a daily spiritual practice and meditation) has been to work quickly yet carefully, revisiting each poem 1-4 times, before the commitment. this process has left some room for potential and actualization. i believe you will not be disappointed if you choose to purchase (or, if you have amazon prime, you can read the ebook for free) the paperback. thank you for supporting independent authors like myself! – Katya Mills

30 watts

30 watt lightbulb 

splashed across these

walls like lemon 

lemme see your face

up from these pages why

do you cry? they cannot hurt

you. lemme read you

these damn classics 

until we fall  asleep


august 9

from sun up to down they

hardly got time to reflect 

life was bad and good that way

got the heartbeat up some 

hiking they pitched camp equidistant

from being and doing and 

read a book. no matter how

deep the stories took them

life would be waiting


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