2 elation

the saddest day 

gave way 

when the cat came home

to elation

got off work early 

watched birds by binocular

tacos and coke

we made love

fell asleep to maurice ravel 

nine inch nails and 

the smiths


bird. in mouth

 my cat waits on the balcony. all night he waits. in the mornings he waits. scanning the sky. swishing his tail. one day all of this intense focus and patience will end with a bird. in mouth. 


channel islands

accompanied by gulls

by Santa Barbaras willet 

long-billed fletcher

elegant terns and reddish egret we

shared coffee and song stared

into the morning light






bird of vegas

the bird sung so well they gave her a stint in Vegas

a symphony orchestra a platinum 

bar dome the finest raw 

foods. weekends find her perched 

high in pecking order over raw chia pumpkin seed 

blends drinking oat milk throat coat 

tea couldn’t spot her tail feathers¬†

in a line up   #katyamills

cat and bird

blondy and the black cat 

brothers contemplative for hours 

on this high balcony

only a mouthful of feathers

will end the procession 

of cans



the winds rose overnight and compelled us all to feel. limbs of sycamores fell into the streets. the cat brought me a headless robin in a mouth full with feathers. i believe i am chosen to be raw. nothing comes easy anymore. i tell my story by words. life has never been so enticing.



the third was full of frisbees and soaring like a bird. oils were dripping and smoke was rising, the links were hot as hell. when they discovered water in the park bubbling up from a pipe, the kids made ample use of it. everyone and everything within a hundred yards got wet, except the birds. soon it would be labor day and no one wanted to work but i was ready. i felt i could handle just about anything. the full moon was coming. so long as you got out there and under it, illumination was certain.

color it. wild

Burrs in my shoelaces
Pollen in my hair
I saw a great blue heron
By the river there

I moved toward
In wonder

He unfolded
his wings
And flew


Shade a saturation
touch up from the

(Tremendous wingspan

In our cyberfrenzied age
Thank the merciful gods!
The heron

Still great
Still blue

(you gave me) your word

i said what
you heard
the cat killed
the bird

the sprinklers wave
water wands

cross us
in third

i don’t really know
the thumb
the toe

decidedly situated
at odds
the snow

the bird killed
the cat
now how about

the fingers crossed
toes and the

and the

had to laugh
having heard just one
third of the

you gave me
your word

you said what
i heard now

what good
was that?

Link from Pheed

I wanted to share this with you https://www.pheed.com/p/37333876