are the life you are the 

hard seasons the

recipe dating generations 


careless restless and reckless

the soft viable understanding

at the end of a great confusion

soon escapes you

owls in the night upset 

your blood pressure you

throw parties you create

and destroy

you drink endless glasses

of milk and bourbon you

call and no one answers 


raise high your fists you

splash around dark thoughts 

and then

and then one day

you give a damn you

really do you seek forgiveness

and the strength of 


you change but all they see

is a snapshot a 


you upset the blood 

pressure you reek of hard seasons

recipes dating back to a great


all that is left of you

is your change

open your fists and let

your hands meet. look

up to the sky. may the soft

and viable understanding

save you


tangential 2 you

you told me again how it happened. you found a diary from two years ago, and read me an entry from a single day. what you wrote came to pass. you got to feeling good about yourself. you were tired of living in a room and board. you stopped taking your meds when they ran out. before long, there would be empty bottles of vodka under your bed. you lost touch with reality. you stopped returning calls and closed your door, and began to drown. again…this is not the first time we have said goodbye. i make sure to hold on longer because i know how bad it gets when you fall. i am just a counselor, tangential to your life. you have worked so hard this time, i’m proud of you. you inspired the others. i hope we won’t see you here again but if we do, we will be family and embrace you.