different now

now i am having the adverse reaction to tv. i am different from you. now restless in the sleep. now pursuing some dream. now i am indifferent, locked without key. now sitting still. meditating. what looks like peace… it is an illusion


Ukrainian joke

an explosion 

not far from Moscow

credit the Russians

smoking cigarettes 




a goldfish bowl

full of puppies sewn

with flags upon the floppy 

fabric ears was passed 


the missile 

flown up into the sky

on government tv

the classroom in rapt attention 

the austere faces of approval 

a trail of smoke


a few boys ran 

behind the brick schoolhouse

and beat each other 



taking leave

the days they made up in the shadow of war

visiting friends in the country drinking wine 

lugged from France. leave lasted about as long 

as an echo of a song. back to marching across

Europe he stepped out of formation once

thinking of her of their favorite dance



word spread over forest river sea and sand
Ukraine countered the Russian offensive
reclaimed the land!

citizens found in pits hands tied behind backs
others told of holding wires connected to generators under interrogation

women came out of hiding to embrace
the faithful soldiers



we run on sentences

sunshine coffee and rain

we stand out in a world 

run on credit and oil

and war


rumors of war

these divisions in the earth

pay heed. often invisible

noted by a sign or fence or posting

which side you are on may 

be the difference between death

and life



seeing the vision in the Ukrainians

the volunteers the photojournalists 

hope is restored. a country fights

for the values by which it came to exist!

that’s sacred. still. it’s war and

hope is also decimated


Ukraine – spotlight

a month ago they were creating videos 

by drone for family and friends and social medias

today they are key players

enlisted to locate and surveil the enemy

recording evidence of war crimes



they lost the sea a long time ago. they had to believe in the country as ascendant, powerful again. all they made off that land in the east, farming it, working it, was indispensable to the world. so roll the dice, old school style with tanks and battalions. the one in power decided it for them, the time was now, give your grown men for the military, the only chance was by land. a great many families got crushed up and swallowed. for what? by omission the whole thing was a lie.  #katyamills