full speed

we gather around the table
eating chicken off the bone listening

to the old man tell us stories

the snow
melting off the mountains
comes toward us now
full speed



we got lucky sevensĀ in the valley

sodas with paper straws we

took our summer with everything on it

the cars no longer sound like cars

the lakes are low the rivers 

high and we. for once we are

happy    #katyamills

summer love

 hearts throbbing

ice cream cones sobbing 

they traded kisses

all summer


may 18

i have this aching in my bones. but it’s ok. summer is about to strike. the sun the source of energy. i love this feeling. i know this feeling. i’m at the edge of a jagged cliff. preparing for a deep dive… into a book.


approach of summer

distant fireworks and a full moon 

overnight i lost my mind and

fell in love 



stepped off a high place

swan dive with grace wind 

in the face  

farewell to time and to space

you was

on my straps tuggin 

the beach sunk in sand 

heart of summer 

they was staring at us talking 

we was dreaming 

using grammar all wrong 

and uncaring   #katyamills

years of not

summer approaches 

the road is hot

to love once again 

after years of 



chicago. summer

this energy has welled
pulled us into the hollow

this energy has shifted
can we trust it?

who cares!

let’s get up and go to the store
together. look at the clouds!

giving us all and the
trees a glow

i have fifty cents
i will buy you a

could not stand (the summer)

trapped by heat the relentless wave

of sun. gimme a lemon

ginger ale

on ice


my mind in a prism my thoughts burn through me like sea

salt the machines and engines double

down like doom


throw me in a swimming pool turn the sky to liquid falling

down. cool rain reaches demigod status in the valley

leaking antifreeze side by fields


rivers areĀ  the queens


sacks of ice pulled down from freezer doors to fracture

on the tile


night sails in like allies freeing

paris circa



wind beats around the heads of palm trees

kids flirt with chlorine ina concrete pool


what a violent sky

what a chemical